Introduction: most people in our life like to wear some leisure sports. Naturally, there are a few pairs of sports shoes. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For those who choose sports shoes, I believe they will choose famous brands. Mention this famous brand, you will think of Nike ADI such in the international and domestic are very popular with consumers of two brands. But some people can’t accept such high price sports shoes, some vendors will make “Putian shoes” based on famous brand shoes, which will encourage some people who pursue low price to rush to buy them. Will Nike and Adi, genuine sports shoes manufacturers, feel a sense of crisis? Let’s discuss it with Xiao Bian today

On the market, these shoes made by imitating famous brand sports shoes are collectively referred to as Putian shoes, because these fake goods are produced in Putian, Fujian Province. Because of the popularity of some people, these shoes are everywhere on the market, and the imitated surface is particularly lifelike, so that some people who can’t afford genuine sports shoes have put on “famous brand”. But fakes are fakes, and their quality can’t be compared with authentic ones. Nike and Adi don’t think they will pose any threat at all

Of course, these Putian shoes to Nike and ADI and other major brand name fraud, is also an illegal means, many customers put on these Putian shoes, produced a variety of problems, also more or less affected the reputation of authentic products. At this time, the major brands can inspire these counterfeiters through legal means. However, an investigation found that there are too many factories manufacturing Putian shoes. It is also quite troublesome to follow the legal process

However, famous brand shoe stores such as Nike and Adi will not be bothered by these. They sometimes feel that these Putian shoes have given them a free advertising campaign. Although everyone has put on brand shoes, people with good face will surely feel that genuine shoes are better together. For example, although Putian shoes have made great efforts on the surface, in fact, both after-sales service and product quality can’t compare with genuine sports shoes, so big brands like Nike and Adi don’t think Putian shoes will affect their sales