Putian department is now almost synonymous with fake goods, among which fake shoes are the most famous. On an e-commerce platform, you can see a pair of Nike shoes worth dozens of yuan. There is no doubt that they are all fake. So why can Putian fake shoes be produced openly? Are they not afraid of being sued by Nike

First of all, we need to know that the shoes produced in Putian are not necessarily fake, because there is also an official OEM of Nike, so there are real shoes in the shoes produced here. Nike is doing this to reduce costs, because the labor price in the United States is much higher than that in China. Opening the OEM in China can reduce costs

Secondly, Putian’s fake shoes are not produced by a large factory. Many small factories are producing fake shoes. It’s very difficult to trace them. Maybe some manufacturers close down and run away immediately when they hear the news. Where can they find evidence to sue

The third is that Nike is not a Chinese company. It is very difficult for multinational companies to fight a lawsuit. They need to collect a lot of evidence. Moreover, the attorney fees in the United States are still very expensive. In such a large transnational lawsuit, the money recovered may not be enough to pay the lawyers. If they want to stop fighting a lawsuit, it is better to study new products

The fourth is the problem of sales channels. Putian shoes mainly have three sales channels: the first is the e-commerce platform, the second is the wechat circle of friends, and the third is the small vendors in small places. No matter which channel it is, it is very difficult to find out the evidence that they stole the official creativity of Nike

Finally, it’s also related to the copyright awareness and laws of the Chinese people. Our laws may not be perfect in this respect. Some people think that fake goods are fake goods. As long as they are comfortable to wear, why pursue so many? This also brings some troubles to the prosecution and protection of rights

Some people may think that Nike’s shoes are valued on the trademark. Putian shoes are very comfortable to wear. There is no difference except the trademark. You can buy them when you buy them. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that this mentality is wrong, because Nike’s shoes are valued not only on the trademark, but also on the design, Imagine if you worked hard to design a product and it was stolen by others. Would you be happy