The paint has excellent chemical inertness, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and a variety of chemical solvents, providing a protective barrier for steel plate. The film is tough, with high surface hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance, showing excellent physical and mechanical properties*** The outstanding characteristics are pollution resistance, self-cleaning, super weather resistance and high decoration. What are the specific applications of fluorocarbon paint in the field of anticorrosion? Let’s get to know. 1、 Application of fluorocarbon coating in steel structure anticorrosion 3.1 technical data preparation: review the drawings, confirm the accuracy of the drawings first, draw the layout of cylinder steel plate according to the size of the steel plate, and list the tables. 1. The equipment of centralized monitoring system should also adopt lightning protection device. Regularly check whether the lightning protection device of the signal interface of the power monitoring system operates well, whether the state indication is normal, and whether the grounding wire is firmly connected. The failed lightning protection module and the arrester that has passed the valid service period shall be replaced in time. 1. First, fix the safety rope. Before using the safety rope, check the safety rope carefully to ensure the safety of the safety rope

Uniform, beautiful, no sagging, no missing coating, no wrong coating, sun resistance, and a certain degree of elasticity and mechanical strength. The coating is three layers. One primer (red lead antirust paint) and two topcoats. 9. The thickness of the coating is not less than 160um for the concrete surface and 180um for the paint. 10. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the product specifications and industry specifications. 11. Strictly according to the product requirements, mixing should be uniform before use. 12. Stop in rainy, windy and foggy weather. 1. The fabrication and installation of steel ladder for chimney shall be carried out with new technology of hanging operation without scaffold. It mainly adopts “manual climbing method” combined with safety belt, white brown rope and other necessary tools for construction. The function of the self-locking device is to lock the rope to prevent falling in case of falling. During the construction, the self-locking device should also follow the manual downward movement

And 36V power supply for construction lighting and small tools. Equipped with 100A leakage protector, 30mm2 three-phase four wire cable is used for power supply φ The steel wire rope is attached to the cable and suspended on the operation platform with steel wire to ensure the safe power supply of the cable. Fluorocarbon paint is famous for its outdoor super weatherability. Its anticorrosion period is more than 20 years. It is widely used in outdoor high-grade topcoat. The air temperature of fluorocarbon coating should be between 5 ℃ and 38 ℃. When the air humidity is more than 85%, or there is condensation on the surface of components, the coating should not be carried out. At this time, the carpenter who specially looks at the pipeline drop on the ground should give the instruction to the hydraulic leveler timely and accurately after each template lifting. The leveler should adjust the operation platform in time according to the feedback information from the ground until the line drop is aligned with the center point. After the operation platform is adjusted, the next layer of concrete can be poured. Maintenance of chimney beautification: the concrete curing agent is painted on the concrete surface for chimney concrete curing, that is, when the concrete slides out of the formwork, 5.4 allocation of construction personnel: 5.1 allocation of management personnel: 1 project manager, 1 deputy project manager and 1 chief project engineer are proposed in the organization of project management department

The relevant machinery, pipelines, ventilation, instruments, automatic control equipment and interlocking devices have been installed and adjusted and meet the service conditions. ⑤ The scene chimney beautification facility is perfect, the light is bright. (6) the division of labor of commissioning personnel is completed, the responsibility is clear, and the post is clear. ⑦ Check whether the main and branch chimney beautification cables are consistent with the system diagram, and check the insulation of all chimney beautification gas equipment and lines, which should meet the specification requirements. ⑧ To control, protect and signal system, 3. Brick chimney maintenance, high-altitude work safety is particularly important, so the operation must be equipped with safety rope, that is, auxiliary rope and safety belt, safety rope and safety belt are connected by self-locking device, 2. Regularly test the protective action voltage and transmission performance index of signal arrester with instrument to meet the standard requirements. It is required to achieve good aesthetic requirements, red and white, clear color boundary, straight, no color mixing, bright color of each color ring, good light and color retention performance, good smoothness, not easy to be polluted, and easy to clean and recover even if polluted

这种材料具有更优异的性能。常用配套方案:环氧富锌底漆+环氧云铁中间漆+氟碳面漆无机富锌底漆+环氧封层底漆+环氧云铁中间漆+氟碳面漆3.在建筑外墙防腐中的应用1.建筑外墙金属表面:易腐蚀受酸、碱、盐等腐蚀性液体和气体的侵蚀,氟碳涂料起到屏蔽作用,具有良好的防腐装饰性和耐老化性。共同支持方5.4施工人员配置:5.1管理人员配置:项目经理部组织提出1名项目经理、1名项目副经理、1名项目总工程师;旋转梯和钢梯均按上述步骤制造和安装。施工人员进入施工现场必须做到以下五点。机房通信电源和空调的集中监控管理是对各独立供电系统和系统内各设备进行遥测、遥信、遥控,实时监控系统和设备的运行状态,对相关数据进行记录和处理,及时发现故障,并通知人员进行处理,实现通信局(站)少人或无人值守,以及供电、空调的集中监控和维护管理,提高供电系统的可靠性和通信设备的安全性。预算计划统计员1名,内部技术员1名,工长2名,专职质检员1名,专职安全员1名,材料员1名,财务会计1名,满足相关机械、管道、通风、仪表三班连续作业的需要,自动控制设备及联锁装置已安装调试,满足使用条件。⑤ 现场烟囱美化设施完善,光线明亮(6) 调试人员分工齐全,责任明确,岗位明确。⑦ 检查主、支管烟囱美化电缆与系统图是否一致,检查所有烟囱美化气体设备及线路的绝缘情况,应符合规范要求。⑧ 控制、保护和信号系统4.检查顶部作业所安装的绳索、夹具、滑轮和竹胶板的可靠性。6、作业前,所有人员必须穿工作服、戴安全帽、戴防滑手套、穿防滑鞋、系安全带、安全锁。3.检查、测试顶部防雷设施,修复或更换损坏部位。1.结构筒体外模由2mm厚和1000厚两部分组成× 采用2000m白铁皮制作,加工时每片按比例分级,每组模板打两道标记,高度1.25m。采用白铁皮做外模,烟囱外表面光滑美观,能快速支撑模具。用同样比例的圆柱体,可以拼接模板。首先

To prevent dust and sand pollution. The construction method is as follows: (continuous roll coating and brush coating bonding method is adopted for epoxy glass narrow steel)( 1) The surface of the base course or the uneven parts between the layers shall be filled with putty with a scraper, and then the glass cloth shall be pasted 24 hours later. Putty should not be too thick, otherwise it is easy to crack during heat treatment( 2) Stick on the glass cloth. Generally, the bonding sequence of glass cloth should be opposite to the direction of flashing, first the trench, skirting, holes, and then the ground. Its lap joint should be applied in the field of materials. It appeared on the color steel plate and was installed on the top of the factory and warehouse. Because of its durability, easy installation and gorgeous color, it soon became popular all over the world. In the field of construction, especially in high-grade buildings and factory buildings, steel structure began to be widely used. In order to maintain the long-term use of safety and beauty, reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance, most designers in the design of the outer wall and steel structure surface are designated to use fluorocarbon coating. 2、 In bridge anticorrosion, it takes at least 4-8 hours for the first chimney to reach the surface dry after painting, and the second chimney should not be painted before the surface dry

Resistance to light and heat, lead containing inorganic pigments are not resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas. ③ Excessive additives such as drier and antiscaling agent are added to the coating to accelerate the aging of the coating and cause discoloration. 2. Methods for anti-corrosion treatment of the inner wall of cement chimney: (1) when the anti-corrosion coating of the inner wall of cement chimney is used in the harsh environment, the special coating with special functions should be selected; When painting outdoor articles, we should choose the coating products with excellent weather resistance. ② In the production of outdoor coating products 1. First fix the safety rope. Before using the safety rope, check the safety rope carefully to ensure the safety of the safety rope. 3.4 check the supplied welding material to confirm whether its performance is consistent with the welding requirements of steel plate. 3.5 prepare various specifications and regulations, technical data and forms required in the construction process. Monitoring system is an advanced means to effectively improve the quality of communication power supply and room air conditioning maintenance by using data acquisition technology, computer technology and network technology. No matter the rotary ladder or the steel ladder are made and installed according to the above steps, we must do the following 5.9 for the construction personnel entering the site. For the maintenance of the power equipment involved in the monitoring system, please refer to the previous corresponding chapters. 1. The system software shall have strong anti misoperation ability, and the normal operation of the system shall not be affected by misoperation. When the local functional modules of the system software fail, the normal operation of other modules shall not be affected

2.系统应从主机配置或网络配置上实现两台计算机的热备份或不同主机间的互备份功能,以保证监控中心系统的安全运行。腐蚀环境非常复杂,包括大气腐蚀、水腐蚀和土壤腐蚀。钢梁和桥面锈蚀、钢筋锈蚀、锈蚀迹象、光损失都是需要涂层保护和维护的前兆。氟碳涂料中含有大量的F–C键,决定了其超强的稳定性、不粉化、不褪色,使用寿命可达20年。它比其他任何一种油漆都具有更坚实的基础,然后清洁烟囱表面,去除表面附着力,并对表面起到一定的纹理作用,并对其进行修补。如果太深,应该用腻子找平。3.监控系统应具有自诊断功能,随时了解系统各部分的运行情况,以便及时对故障做出响应。涂装作业温度应在5℃ 和38℃. 当空气湿度大于85%或构件表面有结露时,不宜进行涂装作业