On May 21, Putian shoe industry’s collective trademark candidate scheme was released, and one selected work and two shortlisted works will be finally determined by online voting and expert selection

Putian shoes Association will develop relevant access standards, endorsed by the government. Only enterprises that meet the standards in terms of products, materials and prices can use this logo, and they can also use their own brands at the same time. In addition, the association will also clarify the mechanism of product traceability and enterprise access

In addition to regional brands, Putian shoes Association will also launch a public brand. The trademark is in the process of being registered, and its logo can be used by some local shoe enterprises without their own brands, so as to realize sharing, CO creation and group development

“Under the new situation, the shoe industry is facing new challenges in brand promotion and other aspects.” Zhu Zijun, executive deputy leader of the leading group of Putian municipal Party committee and Putian municipal government on cracking down on shoemaking and selling shoemaking and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, said Putian will cultivate more leading enterprises, form new growth points of the industry, and promote the upgrading of the industrial chain foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain level