At 7 p.m. on the 23rd, the third live broadcast of the series of financial “bringing goods” with the theme of “filling, keeping and making good use of” money bags “opened as scheduled. Tiktok, a member of the Central Bank of Putian, has been promoting the popularization of foreign exchange, anti counterfeit money, credit management, payment and settlement tools, treasury bonds, anti money laundering, etc., and reminded them to make good money in Chinese. p>

After the live broadcast, Chen Qi, a staff member of the foreign exchange management section of Putian Central Branch of the people’s Bank of China, first talked about foreign exchange knowledge. Chen Qi said that at present, each person has an annual quota of US $50000 for the facilitation of foreign exchange settlement and sales. If the quota is exceeded, it is necessary to provide legal proof materials to purchase foreign exchange. When individuals purchase foreign exchange, they are not allowed to provide false information to declare their purchase of foreign exchange; No false proof materials shall be provided; It is not allowed to lend its own facilitation quota to assist others in purchasing foreign exchange; It is not allowed to use other people’s convenient quota to implement the split purchase of foreign exchange; It shall not be used for overseas house purchase, securities investment, life insurance and investment return bonus insurance; They shall not participate in illegal activities such as money laundering, tax evasion and underground bank transactions. Otherwise, they will be listed in the “attention list” of the safe, transferred to the anti money laundering investigation, affect their personal credit records, and may even be subject to administrative punishment. In addition, it is illegal to speculate in foreign exchange on the Internet, and there is no guarantee for the safety of funds

“You shoot one, I shoot one, look at the new version of RMB; You shoot two, I shoot two, where is the anti-counterfeiting technology; You shoot three, I shoot three, the brilliance becomes really high-end; You shoot four, I shoot four, offset printing to print numbers; You shoot five, I shoot five, the portrait watermark to see clearly; You take six, I take six, red and green color change has a slip; You take seven, I take seven, bump touch is very clear; You shoot eight, I shoot eight, lotus rose and orchid; You beat nine, I beat nine, coin anti-counterfeiting still have; If you shoot ten, I’ll shoot ten. Whether it’s true or not, you have to identify it. ” In the second part of the live broadcast, Liu yangjuan from the monetary gold and silver division of Putian central sub branch of the people’s Bank of China and Chen Zhishi from Xianyou sub branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China took the children to sing children’s songs and teach them how to identify counterfeit money

In today’s society, the personal credit report, known as “economic ID card”, plays an increasingly important role. He Yifei, from the credit management department of Putian central sub branch of the people’s Bank of China, popularized the credit knowledge in the live broadcast room. At present, personal credit report mainly embodies three kinds of information: one is personal identity information: including personal basic information, residence information, occupation information, etc; Second, credit transaction information: including credit card and consumer credit repayment information, guarantee information for others, etc; Third, personal non bank information: including provident fund, personal endowment insurance, communications, public utilities payment information, as well as whether to abide by the law and other information. If there is bad credit record in the personal credit report, it will have a great impact on the future business and credit card processing, so we must be kind to our personal credit record

Personal, can you lend it to others? Peng Yipeng of the payment and settlement section of Putian central sub branch of the people’s Bank of China said that it is normal to sell or rent personal belongings, but according to the business management measures, it is illegal to sell or rent bank accounts or payment accounts. Because criminals may use these bank accounts or payment accounts to engage in criminal activities, such as money laundering or group transfer, we will become the “accomplices” of these criminal groups. Renting, lending, selling and purchasing bank accounts, in addition to being recorded in personal credit report and suspending all non counter business and payment business within five years, may also be suspected of crimes of helping information network criminal activities and obstructing credit card management stipulated in the criminal law

Fang Lijing from the Treasury Department of Putian central sub branch of the people’s Bank of China then explained the Treasury and Treasury knowledge in the live broadcast room. According to Fang Lijing, the National Treasury is the abbreviation of the state treasury, which is a specialized agency responsible for handling the revenue and expenditure of state budget funds. Treasury business is also closely related to residents’ life. For example, the medical insurance fund, pension, minimum living security fund, urban infrastructure construction fund and epidemic prevention fund received by residents are allocated through the state treasury. National debt is a kind of financing behavior which takes the central government as the debtor and the national finance as the prerequisite to repay the principal and interest, and raises funds from the society by borrowing or issuing securities. At present, there are two kinds of treasury bonds issued to urban and rural residents: Savings treasury bonds (certificate type) and savings treasury bonds (electronic type)

“If the circumstances of money laundering are serious, they will be sentenced to 10 years in prison!” In the live broadcast, Lin Zhiwei and Lin yuechen from the anti money laundering section of Putian central sub branch of the people’s Bank of China gave a lecture on anti money laundering knowledge: only when legal financial institutions are subject to supervision and fulfill their anti money laundering obligations can we better ensure the security of our funds and personal information. Residents should take the initiative to cooperate with financial institutions to identify themselves. For example, when opening business, they should bring valid identity documents and answer reasonable questions from financial institutions’ staff; When you deposit or withdraw large amount of cash, show your valid ID card. Moreover, don’t rent or lend your own ID, account, U shield, or use your own account to withdraw money for others. For network information to carefully screen, always vigilant, not for a moment cheap and fall into the scam

Lin Xinxin of Putian rural commercial bank, the organizer of the event, introduced the current situation of financial management for the elderly, the creation concept and financial services of Putian rural commercial bank’s “sunset red theme bank”. It is revealed that the main target customers of “sunset red theme bank” are customers aged 50-70. The theme bank not only has different network hardware layout, but also precisely locates customers, improves service methods, integrates resources, and customizes various exclusive financial services for the elderly, and carries out activities in a targeted way, from the network facilities, network services, network services, network services, and so on Comprehensive financial and emotional services “three-dimensional integration” to meet the needs of elderly customers, to give them more care, but also to provide them with more secure financial services