Another company in Putian has an accident! The company used to be a large-scale shoe and clothing enterprise in Putian, and it has been 18 years since its establishment. Its business scope includes the production of sports shoes, sportswear, and sole (if it involves the approval and permission items, it is only allowed to engage in business activities within the scope and validity period of the approval and permission)

In the first few years, the company was still doing well, but it’s a pity that the real estate worth more than 62 million yuan under the name of the company has been sealed up by the court and will be auctioned in the near future

1、 拍卖标的:莆田市历城区黄石镇尧台村一国有工业用地使用权及地上5栋建筑物[房屋所有权证号:hs040078、hs050094、l080114、hs060027、,国有土地使用证编号:浦国用(2004)字y2004002]