Tourism Introduction: as we all know, some provinces in China’s coastal areas are better than some inland provinces in all aspects of development, which has a great relationship with the geographical environment. The eastern coastal provinces like Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong are all strong economic provinces in China, and Fujian Province, which is equally advantageous, is often ignored. So today we are going to talk about Fujian Province. If Fujian wants to change its provinces, which city do you think is the most suitable

Then we have to take a look at Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province. This city has very important historical significance. It used to be one of the five major business ports in China, and now it is also the economic and cultural center of Fujian Province. Although the development of Fuzhou in the past two years is not bad, its popularity is not as big as that of some other provincial capitals

In terms of economy, it can’t compare with Quanzhou City next door. Quanzhou’s GDP has always been in the leading position of Fujian Province. Another advantage of Quanzhou city is that it has a very large area. It used to be the largest port in China in history. Now Quanzhou city is designated as the starting point of the “maritime Silk Road”, which can be said to be a city with great potential. However, Quanzhou also has a weakness, that is, the per capita GDP is not very high

When it comes to Fujian Province, how can we not mention Xiamen? Xiamen can be said to be the most famous city in Fujian. Xiamen can be said to be a city developed through tourism. The air in Xiamen is fresh, the pace of life is not as fast as other places, and the scenery is also very unique, attracting many young people. But in the latest city ranking, Xiamen still ranks behind Fuzhou, the provincial capital. It seems that Xiamen still needs to make some efforts in terms of comprehensive strength