When it comes to Putian shoes, everyone will show disgust, because in everyone’s heart, Putian shoes = imitation shoes. It’s no exaggeration to say that almost all the high-end imitation goods that can be found in the world come from Putian. Recently, Shanghai seized 120 million yuan of Putian fake shoes, which is a typical shoe fire. They imitate what they want! It has to be said that the proliferation of fake makes the whole shoe market restless, especially now that the shoe culture is more and more popular among young people, limited shoes are flocking, which also leads to the infiltration of fake goods, so are Putian shoes fake? How to distinguish Putian goods

Even if there are limited edition shoes that can’t be bought, the 30-year-old shoemaker in the gang can copy the pictures. These “Putian goods”, which cost only 50 to 80 yuan, are often sold under the guise of internal purchase, tail order and broken code, with only 20 to 50% discount of authentic products, involving more than 120 million yuan

On November 10 this year, Jinjiang police successfully removed a counterfeit brand sports shoes den and cracked a case of counterfeiting registered trademarks. They seized more than 1500 pairs of counterfeit brand sports shoes, involving a value of about 150000 yuan. At present, Liu Mouliang, a suspect suspected of counterfeiting a registered trademark, has surrendered himself to the Jinjiang police. p>

At 11:00 a.m. on August 26 this year, the Economic Investigation Brigade of Jinjiang Public Security Bureau learned that there was a production site of fake brand sports shoes in yangdai village, Chendai Town, Jinjiang City. After receiving the report, the police raided the manufacturing dens in the afternoon of the same day and found the fake “361” on the spot °” 664 pairs of sports shoes, fake “361” °” 50 pairs of sports shoes’ uppers and 20 pairs of soles were identified by the brand trademark, and the counterfeit “361” shoes were found in another shoe-making warehouse °” 604 pairs of sports shoes and 228 pairs of fake “Jordan” women’s sports shoes

Forenoon 10

11 morning, the suspect Liu Mouliang (male, 42 years old, Jiangxi Peng Zeren), actively persuaded by the Jinjiang police, took the initiative to surrender to Jinjiang Public Security Bureau. p>

The reporter learned that this year, the sales volume of miscellaneous brand sports shoes operated by Liu Mou Liang was not good, so he used his brain to think that the profit of producing fake brand sports shoes was high, and he bought a car in the middle of August this year with “361” printed on it °”“ Jordan “trademark vamp and supporting sole and other raw and auxiliary materials, organize workers to process and sell. At present, the suspect Liu has been taken criminal coercive measures according to law, and the case is under further trial

With the upgrading of counterfeiting technology, it is more difficult to identify the secondary market. In addition to the shoes themselves, the market has also polished out a whole set of counterfeiting system. Both online stores and offline markets can buy a large number of tags, shoe labels, shoes, etc. with anti-counterfeiting at a very low price

These stores usually open on the streets that are not very prosperous or a little messy. The front of the store is printed with the big logos of Adidas and Nike. On the surface, it seems that there is no problem at all, but once you go in, it’s a big sale. It’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not with a discount of less than 60%

Now it is very common to buy fake goods. Especially with the popularity of online shopping and wechat business, more and more fake goods and fake goods are produced. As consumers, they are definitely not willing to buy fake goods by themselves. At the same time, buying fake goods will also damage their own interests. At this time, they can ask businesses to make compensation

According to paragraph 1 of Article 55 of “protection of consumers’ rights and interests”, if a business operator fraudulently provides goods or services, it shall, at the request of consumers, increase the compensation for the losses it has suffered, and the amount of increase in compensation shall be three times of the price of goods purchased or the cost of services received by consumers; If the amount of additional compensation is less than 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. If the law provides otherwise, such provisions shall prevail. ” In short, it’s one refund for three, less than five hundred for five hundred

Putian shoes are shoddy and fake. Relying on Putian’s geographical advantages and the technical advantages of Nike ADI factory, which used to be the world-famous fashion brand of shoes, we can take the lead in copying new products when they are not yet on the market, and launch imitations to unknown consumers through past experience. The income is amazing

Fourth, we can also protect our legitimate rights and interests by bringing a civil lawsuit to the court. In case of insufficient evidence and the risk of failure, we can entrust professional lawyers with rich legal experience to assist in safeguarding rights. After all, it took thousands of yuan to buy the “genuine shoes” and finally found that they were counterfeit goods worth dozens of yuan. No one was willing to accept them