1. Don’t buy those albums that don’t have a marked price. This is to see people under the dish, the price must be high, but also not necessarily send good goods to you. You can earn hundreds of money from one pair. What you bring is that it’s more difficult to get after-sales service than to get to heaven. After all, the profit is so high that you will not buy it again if you refund the money. You would rather pull you black

2. The real local seller, who is honest in business, has a large number of orders every day, and won’t let you buy them because you are always attached to this pair of retail. Buying and selling, only when you buy can you sell. If the normal relationship between supply and demand has changed, there must be something fishy about it

Can you return or exchange the goods. Always ask after-sales questions before you buy them. Don’t take them for granted. When there’s something wrong with the shoes, you can argue with the seller. It’s time-consuming and labor-consuming