I have been engaged in Putian shoes sales industry for seven or eight years. I believe that many people, like me, want to find good Putian and get cheap and good shoes. What platform can I buy Putian shoes on earth

Buy Putian shoes, of course, can not do without Taobao, I suggest you do not go directly to search Putian shoes, so the results are very few. We see which shoe model directly to search it, and then sorted by price, I believe you will see a lot of Putian shoe stores

Poison app, don’t think that there is no Putian product in poison app, it can only show that you are too naive, poison app is also artificial identification. Since it is a manual identification, then it is impossible to guarantee 100% is authentic

Wechat business is the platform with the largest number of people selling Putian shoes. It is also the backbone of Putian shoes sales. They tiktok in WeChat group, post bar, major media platforms, including jitter, etc., and you can see their tracks. They are very easy to find. p>