Recently, because of Xinjiang cotton in the west, China has started a round of folk competition for famous brands such as HM, Nike and Adidas. One interesting thing is that many people declare that “the Nike and Adidas they wear are high imitations made in Putian.”

First of all, buying famous brands is a multi-faceted motivation. Some people want good quality, some people want good brand image, some people want to show off, some people want to decorate

Because of the high price of famous brand, there is a large number of users base of high imitation. In fact, users at home and abroad, because the price of high imitation is a fraction of the brand

Even if high imitation uses exactly the same materials as the brand, from the material cost is one tenth of the price to the high imitation price is a fraction of the brand price, it is obvious that high imitation still has a very high profit

Some people even said that the quality of high imitation shoes in Putian is better than that of genuine ones. We can’t rule out this situation, because the cost of materials is a little more, but if we can increase the sales volume, we can say that the profit will be greater

There is a very important thing not to be said about all these high imitation and fake shoes, that is, infringing intellectual property rights and damaging the interests of the brand, which is beyond doubt

Foreign famous brands are built gradually in foreign standardized markets through time, history and R & D. brand premium is more about the purchase of product quality reputation in the past, because repeated purchase with reliable quality is the core of brand formation

Putian shoes, of course, can spend a lot of effort to build a brand, but this is a complex process, and high imitation shoes, is an immediate effect of the product

To put it simply, Putian Department hospitals put a lot of advertisements on Baidu to guide patients to see a doctor in Putian hospital. Doctors in Putian hospital will try their best to earn more profits from patients

Because of the doctor’s profession and occupation, in the detection process, treatment program, medical prices and so on, patients have no fighting power. When patients enter Putian hospital, they can almost be said to be slaughtered

Some news even said that some doctors would “plant virus” for patients, that is, they would place virus while treating them, so as to continuously earn the patients’ money until they are at the end of their tether