arrested 62 suspect, destroyed 6 dens of production, 5 warehouses and 11 dens, seized fake shoes production line, seized 22 million pairs of counterfeit well-known brand products and half finished shoes, and 76 million yuan of cash involved, and frozen over 500 yuan

of illegal funds

According to the Public Security Bureau of Zhouning County, in June this year, people reported that they found a social platform account selling famous shoes on the Internet. The police found that the suspect sumou and others sold many fake and famous brand shoes through social platform in Putian. Some of the shoes it sells are even products that brand manufacturers have launched but not yet on the market

In order to reduce the risk of being investigated and punished, the lawbreakers divided the production, storage, wholesale and retail links of the criminal chain of manufacturing and selling fake shoes into different regions through the Internet. Three underground shoe factories in Guangzhou provided shoes of different counterfeit brands, and five storage points and 11 sales points in Putian were responsible for storage, wholesale and a small amount of retail, forming a cross regional criminal network of manufacturing and selling fake shoes. It’s worth noting that lawbreakers keep up with the trend of the Internet. In addition to selling fake products through social platforms, they also set up studios to recruit good-looking women to carry out online live broadcasting business

, among them, the suspect Guo Mouhuo and others set up 2 workshops in Putian to wholesale fake and well-known brand shoes. Their fake shoes are fine workmanship, and they claim that 2020 new models are sold simultaneously. The whole set of genuine original box packaging, the original shoe production process and the NFC anti fake core store are mixed up, and the selling price is less than 10%. p>

suspect Wang Mou, ye Mou respectively together with others in Guangzhou Baiyun district each set up the production dens to produce the fake shoes. The suspect, Ren Mou, bought fake shoes from local underground factories in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, and supplied the suspect to Guo. p>