On the morning of January 8, the brand strategy conference of “let every child put on Chinese good shoes” was held in Beijing luobaobao Paradise (Siyuanqiao store)

This press conference is an important measure of cultural empowerment and industrial transformation of the world-famous children’s animation IP Luobao and the world-famous “Chinese shoe city” Putian City. It is also a key action for Putian shoe enterprises to continuously pursue excellent quality and brand upgrading. It is also a strategic layout for Luobao, an international IP, to live up to expectations and serve children’s healthy growth in a new form

Just as Li Jianhui, the CPC Putian Municipal Committee and mayor of Putian City, said in a video speech at the beginning of the press conference, “Putian is a world-famous” Chinese shoe city “. The shoemaking industry has a long history, complete supporting facilities, exquisite workmanship and excellent quality. It has always been the preferred manufacturing base for world sports brands. In order to promote the shoe industry in Putian and seize the new development opportunity of domestic and international double cycle, Putian municipal government vigorously promotes the shoe industry to graft high-end, cross-border integration and joint brand creation. Today’s good children’s school brand is established by Putian municipal government’s introduction of the internationally influential children’s animation brand Luobao, together with Putian state-owned enterprises’ participation in investment and the joint investment of four benchmark shoe enterprises. The goal is to build a world-class children’s shoes brand. As the municipal government, we will give full support to haotongxue company. We will work hard, make it big and complete, so that children all over the world can really wear Chinese good shoes, and start a new brand with international influence of “Chinese good shoes, Putian intelligent manufacturing.”

As an internationally famous preschool children’s animation IP, lobbaby is broadcast in 23 languages, covering more than 200 countries and regions in the world. It is one of the most influential Chinese animation images overseas《 Baby Lo won the seventh Emmy Award in 2019; In November 2020, China one belt, one road China cultural industry and tourism industry international cooperation key project, was promoted to China and the world’s cultural exchanges and animation exchanges, and the Chinese good story to the world. In China, “baby Lo” has been broadcast in more than 200 satellite TV stations, including CCTV children, Golden Eagle and Kaku children, as well as eight video websites and Ott platforms, as well as Metro buses, eight aviation media and 2000 passenger stations in 20 cities across the country

China has the world’s largest shoe-making industry, with the world’s most advanced shoe-making technology, but there is no internationally influential children’s shoes brand. Haotongxue (Putian) Technology Co., Ltd. takes the international famous Chinese original animation IP lobbaby as the brand image to build children’s shoes products. It is just to see that lobbaby, a cultural brand, has incomparable brand awareness, reputation and strong brand economic value; She also has a natural attraction for children, and will accompany them to grow up and become the guardian force of children’s childhood. In addition, empowering the traditional manufacturing industry with international children’s animation brands will also help to further promote the transformation and upgrading of Putian’s traditional shoe-making industry, which is known as “China shoe city”, and promote the transformation of Putian shoe enterprises from low value-added “OEM” to high value-added “independent innovation”, so as to achieve the goal of occupying the domestic market and going to the international stage. At the same time, with Putian mature children’s shoes production supply chain as the industrial guarantee, and with the strong support and strict control of Putian municipal government, it can provide more perfect service system for consumers

At the press conference, Su Xiong, chairman of the Asian advertising alliance, analyzed the brand prospect of Haotong xueluo baby shoes culture empowerment from three dimensions of brand building. He said: brand building must have high-dimensional thinking strategies. The first basic dimension is to do a good job in products and create the best products. Such products must meet the needs of consumers and solve their pain points. The second dimension is brand, and the third dimension is brand sublimation, which endows product culture with attributes. Haotong xueluo baby children’s shoes, will have a very high cultural heritage of Luobao, combined with the excellent manufacturing technology of Putian shoe industry, the two join hands, from the perspective of cultural thinking, the brand IP. In this way, haotongxue will surely create the best children’s shoes brand and products in China

Chen Wei, executive director of Growth Enterprise Department of Guotai Junan headquarters, also expressed his views in his speech. First of all, the shareholders of haotongxue include Putian state-owned assets, Putian excellent shoe enterprises and dayeman, which is unique in the world. The humanistic gene of the enterprise that is good at children’s learning is world-wide. The hometown of Da Ai Mazu is Putian, Haotong xueluo, and the core of children’s shoes is Luobao. Luobaobei’s story has spread to 200 countries and regions all over the world. The manufacturing level of Putian’s shoe enterprises is recognized in the world. The manufacturing process is well-known in the world, and high cutting-edge technology will be injected in the future. Therefore, the underlying logic of humanities plus science and technology has a solid foundation. The original intention and mission of entrepreneurship is to let every child wear good Chinese shoes, inject products and soul with love, accompany every child’s daily growth with love, and become a good partner for children’s healthy growth, so that children can have healthy feet, happy heart and take a safe road. Undoubtedly, this is a complete integration of Da Ai Mazu and luobaobabe parent-child families. Therefore, he highly recognizes the entrepreneurial intention and sense of mission of good children’s learning. Secondly, the biggest value of good children’s shoes, which is different from other shoe enterprises, is from a single children’s shoes to the family shoes market. The story of robbaby has spread to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Good children’s school will carry robbaby’s brand value and international influence, truly enter every family, cultivate the awareness of parents to accompany their children to do sports and travel together, and the rising space of the enterprise can be opened in an instant. Therefore, with the annual growth of users, he estimates that Haotong xueluo baby shoes will have 100 billion market space every year. “Entrepreneurial teams are also very important, and investment is investment,” he added. The biggest characteristic of haotongxue is that there are many co founders who are leading figures in all walks of life. These people lead a group of people with responsibility, pattern and strength to create enterprises in Putian, take root together and work hard together, and do their best to upgrade Putian shoe enterprises. So I dare say that I am optimistic about this team. Let’s join hands to help good children learn better and go further. “

The conference also invited Mei Feng, Deputy Secretary General of China Youth Development Foundation, Jing Mei, chief editor’s office and well-known writer of Beijing TV station, Zhu Jiwen, director of Fengtai first kindergarten, Chen Wei, executive director of Growth Enterprise Department of Guotai Junan headquarters, and Xiao Jun, general manager of haotongxue (Putian) Technology Co., Ltd., and other guests to focus on “realizing cultural enabling entity industry, The topic of “building the healthiest Chinese shoes” was held in the salon

Mei Feng, Deputy Secretary General of China Youth Development Foundation, shared from the perspective of social responsibility that the starting point of good children’s xueluo baby shoes is very high, with a strong sense of social responsibility – “let every child put on good Chinese shoes” from the beginning. Lobbaby brand itself is the expression and transmission of love. Through lobbaby children’s shoes, this kind of love is transmitted to consumers, so that consumers can feel the temperature of love when they buy, and finally create a brand with temperature

Zhu Jiwen, the director of Fengtai No.1 kindergarten, shared the children’s expectation of shoes with us with bright and sunny laughter and boundless enthusiasm for children’s education. “It’s important to listen to the children’s voices and start from their needs,” she said. I have been doing children’s education for so many years. Children have countless fantastic ideas, they will say that I like the shoes that can swim, I like the small shoes that can make me run very fast, and the small shoes that can take me to fly… “She also shared a story:” once I chatted with the children who were drawing, I asked them what they were drawing? A child told me, mother Zhu, do you know, I drew a pair of small shoes with lights. I am too afraid of the dark at night. As long as I put on these shoes, the room will be bright. I am no longer afraid of the dark. I don’t have to ask my parents to pull the lights for me to go to the bathroom; Another child said that I especially like dancing. As long as I put on my little shoes, music can accompany me and I can dance; Another baby said, one day I accidentally spilled the soup, and Miss Liu bent to help me wipe it. How tired the teacher was! I want to invent the small shoes, put on it to walk in the room, the floor will be wiped clean, the teacher will no longer have to hit the waist to wipe the floor… “What a lovely, kind, warm idea! This is children“ Robbaby is the embodiment of love and health. She is especially lovely, especially healthy, especially kind and lively, especially full of inquiry spirit. If these are reflected in our good children’s shoes, combined with children’s fantastic ideas, how interesting and popular this product will be“ If we can turn what children imagine into reality, let the children of the world understand and wear it. Then we can not only cultivate children to be confident individuals, but also cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and warm love. “

Jing Mei, a well-known writer and editor in chief of Beijing TV station, expressed her views from her many interviews and experiences in the cultural field. She mentioned that she highly appreciated the sense of mission of Tian Jia, the original author and chief producer of baby Luo, and also highly recognized Xiao Jun, the general manager of Haotong school, for his wisdom and technology concept of keeping pace with the times. She believes that in addition to a sense of mission, an enterprise can develop and succeed with the support of culture and the awareness and ability to keep pace with the times, and Haotong xueluo baby shoes carry these genes from its birth. Now haotongxue is facing all kinds of opportunities and challenges at home and abroad. We hope haotongxue can grasp the opportunities, break out the energy, upgrade to a higher level, strive to create our own brand, and finally become a world-class brand

There were also guests who shared health and customer needs, data analysis and other aspects. With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to their own health, and the concern is more and more in-depth and comprehensive. Parents will pay attention to all aspects of children’s health, such as vision, bones, psychology and so on. Good children xueluo baby shoes integrate the concept and function of health, for the common people, there is a resonance with the product. Of course, starting from the basic needs of customers is the starting point of products. If we do not understand the needs of customers, no matter how good technology, materials, no matter how good the brand is, it is not enough to move the people. In addition, the enterprise must have enough data analysis ability and data accumulation to understand the growth of Chinese children. These data can not only become the professional background and business endorsement of the enterprise, but also help us answer the question “what function shoes do children need? What kind of shoes do children in different environments, regions, scenes and ages need? ” Finally, it serves the product production, optimizes the product structure and creates the product advantage

Children’s bones are in the period of growth and development. The requirements of foot space and shoes space are completely different. Small children’s shoes are an extremely important basic guarantee for the healthy growth of children. Xiao Jun, general manager of haotongxue (Putian) Technology Co., Ltd., introduced at the salon that haotongxue brand children’s shoes will pay more attention to the indicators of “health”, “technology” and “environmental protection” in terms of product functions, such as scientific function design, conforming to the characteristics of children’s feet; Use innovative technology fabrics with the characteristics of moisture absorption, air permeability, expansion, non-toxic and pollution-free; In the process, energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection are emphasized; Balance between safety and comfort; Using intelligent pressure sensor, real-time monitoring of children’s foot development and walking posture can help parents understand children’s foot health status and escort children’s healthy growth. With the policy support of Putian government, the company will recruit outstanding experts, scientific research institutions, design talents and design institutions in the fields of materials science, sports medicine, intelligent technology and cultural and creative design, cooperate to build “health laboratory” and “cultural and creative design room”, and realize the integration of product technology and art

According to Baidu, children under the age of 16 account for about a quarter of the total population in China, and about 28 million newborns are born every year. Experts believe that the domestic children’s shoes field is in the golden development period, and the market has a scale of about 30 billion. With the arrival of the fourth baby boom, the opening of the two-child policy, the extension of the growth of the newborn population and other powerful factors, it is estimated that the compound growth rate of China’s children’s shoes market scale will reach 9% in the next decade, and the market prospect is considerable

Who has positioned his own market and occupied the commanding height of brand management will have the opportunity to develop into a national strong brand and a leading brand in the industry. In terms of the economic value of the brand, through more than ten years of development, lobbaby brand is no longer just an independent animation brand, but “lobbaby +” animation ecology, with an intangible asset valuation of more than 2 billion yuan. Only in terms of overseas distribution results, the 52 episodes of the first quarter of robbaby and 9 story, the world’s No.1 animation group, have reached a cooperation, with a contract amount of US $100 million in market revenue. The children’s day has been limitless in the second quarter, and is tentatively scheduled for next year’s June 1 children’s day, and has completed the authorized signing of New Zealand, Australia, France and Britain. p>

Lobbaby is a Chinese girl with love and fun. Lobbaby children’s shoes will continue lobbaby’s gene of “love and fun” and advocate the brand concept of “love childhood, healthy growth”. The DNA of robbaby children’s shoes is to love children: to create products with love, to serve children with love, to be with children with love, to protect children’s loving childhood, and to accompany children’s healthy and happy growth

After ten years of hard work, the content of baby Lo is completely from the children’s life and their growth needs. It tells the children’s stories from the perspective of children; Therefore, Haotong xueluo baby shoes will also learn from children in terms of product creativity from the practical needs of their healthy growth. DIY painted shoes was specially set up at the press conference. The children on the scene can play their imagination and creative ability, and draw their own “Chinese good children’s shoes”. Children are natural philosophers and artists with pure childlike innocence and unique personality; Their spiritual world is rich and joyful, as well as their imagination, creativity and unique vision of understanding the world. Haotong xueluo baby shoes is to use these special abilities possessed by children to make their own products and serve them with heart and love