Many people hate fake shoes, of course, there are very few people prefer fake shoes. No one is willing to wear fake shoes, but real shoes are generally very expensive. More and more people begin to buy fake shoes. Although some high imitation fake shoes are not as good as real shoes, the quality is OK. More and more fake shoes are on the rise. When it comes to the manufacture of fake shoes, we have to mention Putian, which seems to have become the main outflow place of fake shoes. From this also produced a new word “Putian shoe”

So why is Putian so famous? The reason is that in 2007, 300000 pairs of fake shoes came from Putian in the United States. Thus Putian became famous. But I have to sigh that it was made in Putian. In 2008, when an international famous star came to China for promotion, he was attracted by the dazzling array of fake coconuts. He sighed that its color matching was so beautiful, so he sent a special tweet

Although Putian shoes are famous far and near, it not only brings the prosperity of the local economy, but also has a bad impact on all aspects of society. More and more brands are counterfeited, and infringement can be seen everywhere. But at the same time, Putian shoes are still alive and strong, and there are a number of fans who support it

Some people who do Putian shoes business disclosed that they are now working day and night, working at night and resting during the day. The reason is that the relevant departments of the state have taken more and more stringent measures to investigate and deal with fake shoes. It is also said that in June and July or during the high-risk period, the rectification efforts are stronger. These fake shoes are usually sold through e-commerce, wechat, salted fish and so on, but there are few on Taobao. The reason is that once sealed, the shop is forced to close. These high imitation shoes are also graded. It’s hard to distinguish good high imitation shoes from authentic ones. The soles, labels and surfaces of shoes are basically the same, but they are much cheaper than real ones