However, it’s a tragedy to go out for the first time. After walking with his girlfriend all afternoon, he felt that there was someone stepping on his little toe all the way. Take off your shoes and socks when you go home, and they blister

Although he usually wears street style clothes, he still thinks that there will always be a chance to wear them. “After all, there are still people wearing Lefu skateboard.”. As a result, I bought it for more than a year, but I didn’t wear it once

***At the beginning, Lao K was very happy to be able to buy the shoes at the original price, otherwise he would not take photos and send a circle of friends when he walked out of the shoe store

Unfortunately, after wearing it for less than a year, the sole means to leave the shoe body. But in any case, the rise of new trends, that shoe quickly passed, wear out can let people see more vanity also can not enjoy